Jacob Lindberg


Adania Cardona-Solis

Jacob Lindberg  and Adania Cardona-Solis

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Our Story

In the Fall of 2017, Adania and Jacob first met at a formal social gathering in Driftwood, Texas. From that day on Jacob would go out of his way just to get a word in with Adania. After time, Adania grew to enjoy Jacob’s company, all the same he grew to enjoy hers. Time continued to run without any real recognition of how fast it was moving. Before they knew it Adania and Jacob had been in a relationship for more than 4 years. They both had graduated from college and moved to San Antonio. Adania working as a kindergarten teacher and Jacob working on his law degree. They didn’t live together but saw each other as often as possible.

In the year 2021, Jacob knew he must marry Adania, and did everything he could to make sure it happened. He spoke with her father who was happy to hear of Jacob’s intent, but had one question… “what took you so long?” In December of 2021, 5 years into their relationship, they became engaged to be married in New York City at the Bethesda Fountain. A violin played Joy to the World as Jacob bent his knee, they hugged and kissed while patrons of the New York City fountain clapped for the newly engaged couple.

On November 19, 2023, Adania and Jacob will finally be tying the knot. This will be another beautiful addition to the story that will continue to move as fast as time. Friends and Family, we hope that you are there to join us on that day to celebrate our love and the next chapter of our story.